RAD is a global leader for telecom access solutions. As an industry pioneer for over 40 years, RAD reliably supplies worldwide communications service providers and critical infrastructure operators with best-of-breed Ethernet access devices, industrial IoT gateways, 5G xHaul, and Operational WAN solutions. Offering always-on connectivity from anywhere, along with data-driven, AI-powered actionable insights, RAD is distinguished for its supply-chain stability, which outsteps the market in delivery times. Founded in 1981, RAD serves as the anchor of the $1.6 billion RAD Group, an umbrella of independent companies that develop diverse networking and data communications solutions.

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Remote Asset Monitoring

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All-In-One IIoT Gateway for Your E2E Solution

Flexible Communication Interfaces | Edge Computing | Insights

Industrial IoT Remote Asset Monitoring Solutions

Onsite maintenance costs you time, money and resources, so you’re keen to avoid being on-prem whenever possible. The key to staying offsite is to monitor your assets remotely. You can do this with Industrial IoT remote asset monitoring solutions that supplant your legacy maintenance schedules of physically-present inspections, resulting in a much lower OpEx for tracking, preventing and preempting connectivity problems. 

Data-Informed Insights

Failure of critical assets means frustrated customers, delayed operations and financial loss. In order to preempt and/or deal with downtimes, asset monitoring is key. But beyond that, the value of remote monitoring lies in the fact that the data gleaned from remote device monitoring can be leveraged for KPI reporting capabilities, enabling informed business decisions by executives based on smart asset tracking and smart metering. 

Therefore, industries are replacing their former maintenance schedules and visual inspections with new, wireless, cloud-based technologies for remote end-to-end site monitoring, including predictive/preventative maintenance.

The Optimal Remote Asset Monitoring Solution (RAMS)

Due to the challenges for remote asset monitoring, organizations are looking to IIoT with edge computing as the solution. The ideal RAMS allows for ultimate flexibility of integration - one that moves away from a cumbersome, multi-domain, disaggregated fragmented monitoring to unified, aggregated end-to-end wireless monitoring, over cellular or fiber networks, public or private, be they 4G, 5G, PLTE, 450MHz (450 LTE) CBRS, LPWA (low power wide area) or other network options for intelligent monitoring. 

RAD offers this ideal IIoT integrative solution, reducing the cost of connecting thousands of remote IoT assets, all the while strengthening security.  Less hassle means a quicker time to goal.

Zero Downages with the Lowest OpEx

RAD Solutions for Remote Asset Monitoring

RAD’s remote asset monitoring solutions apply for CSPs and critical infrastructure organizations alike. Choose the solution that is right for you below.



Mobile Cell Tower Site Monitoring


Remotely monitor your cell tower environment, power system and security. Read more.

Mobile Cell Tower Site Monitoring



Water & Wastewater Utility Networks


Remotely monitor your water utility and wastewater management assets. Read more.

Interested in other use cases? See the full list below.

Water Wastewater Utility Networks

RAD’s SecFlow IIoT Gateway  

The Freedom of Choice

You know what you need best, yet the reality is that not all IIoT gateways are compatible with the solution components you might prefer. RAD SecFlow, however, is adaptable to your choices. The SecFlow IIoT Gateway is the robust, all-in-one ruggedized device that enables a seamless IIoT E2E solution, integrating with all your other IIoT components, such as...

  • Sensors

  • Gateways

  • Connectivity

  • Backend Servers

  • Dashboards

MQTT Connectivity

SecFlow's edge computing capability allows for MQTT connectivity utilizing the Eclipse foundation Sparkplug B protocol. The benefits are:​

  • Simplifies integration and enables scale by unifying proprietary protocols into Sparkplug B tags​
  • Minimizes data usage reducing cellular cost​
  • Minimize data latency from minutes to seconds, providing real -time situation awareness​
  • Eliminates data loss due to intermittent communication channels using “Store and forward” buffering
  • Secured data with MQTT over TLS ​

Operational Design Guidance

IIoT solutions are new, and with RAD, you don’t have to go it alone. When providing our SecFlow solution, RAD helps you understand your IIoT setup by providing a sample blueprint of SecFlow among your other components. RAD dialogues with you about SecFlow’s ideal integration with your IIoT assets, together reaching your leanest solution. 

Here’s a sample topology design for an IIoT end-to-end solution for wireless remote asset monitoring centered around the RAD SecFlow Gateway: 

KPI Reporting

SecFlow converts raw sensor data into meaningful insights that are viewable instantly. This data processing serves for immediate KPI reporting, enabling critical decision making based on predictability, cost-benefit analysis and risk assessment.  Together with you, RAD tailors SecFlow to suit your integration setup.


Track mission-critical assets, prevent failures, and make critical business decisions with one ruggedized multiservice, all-in-one IIoT gateway solution: SecFlow.

Ideal for remote asset monitoring, enabling fast, secure and economical deployment of new IoT sites, over cellular or fiber networks, public or private, SecFlow meets your needs of an IIoT E2E solution, and goes beyond.

With flexible interface options in a single device enabling connectivity over any media, SecFlow delivers end-to-end visibility and simplifies operations by eliminating fragmentation, thereby reducing the cost of connecting thousands of remote IoT assets, all the while strengthening security. Much less hassle means quicker time to the goal. 

Connecting thousands of remote IoT assets

Edge Computing

Edge Computing allows for local data processing by sensor-rich assets, rather than via a centralized control center. This saves equipment costs and space and enables future functionality flexibility. Other Edge Computing benefits include ultra-low latency, quick action on detected anomalies, lower mobile data costs, predictive maintenance based on smart data collection, and reduced cyber security needs due to a lower number of components.

All the benefits of one ruggedized multiservice gateway: SecFlow.

All the benefits via one ruggedized multiservice gateway: SecFlow.


Asset Monitoring Verticals

Power Utilities • Smart Grid • Re-closers • Load breakers • RTUs/SCADA • Secondary substations • Smart Meters 

Oil and Gas Utilities • Flow meters • Volume/pressure/level sensors • Safety sensors • Vibration, temperature, and moisture sensors sensors

Safe City/Smart City • Smart parking; electric car charging • Traffic management and control • Fleet Management • Smart bus lanes • Info boards/Digital Signage • Air quality monitoring • Video Surveillance • Smart Lighting • Waste management


Asset Monitoring Verticals

Water Utilities and Waste Management • Temperature, pressure, quality, and consumption • Pump/valve control • Smart Water sensors • Water leak detectors • Smart Meters 

Smart Agriculture • Soil Irrigation and Moisture Monitoring • Autonomous Irrigation • Smart Soil Sensors • Connected Farms

Mobile Service Providers • Cell Tower asset monitoring 

Remote Asset Monitoring

Connected Industry • Non-factory • Asset monitoring • Remote control (cranes, forklifts,..) • Mines, oilfields Factory • Production floor monitoring • Wearables on the shop-floor • Remote PLC control • Automated quality control systems

Connected Building/Remote Monitoring • Building Automation/Generators • Building security/Surveillance • HVAC/Heating/Cooling • Sensors and Informational Status • Alarms and Alerts 

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