MR Aging of Intracranial Parenchymal Hemorrhage

Stage Age Compartment Hemoglobin T1 T2
Hyperacute <24 hours intracellular oxyhemoglobin isointense hyperintense
Acute 1-3 days intracellular deoxyhemoglobin iso to hypointense hypointense
Early Subacute >3 days intracellular methemoglobin hyperintense hypointense
Late Subacute >7 days extracellular methemoglobin hyperintense hyperintense
Chronic >14 days extracellular hemosiderin hypointense hypointense
Mnemonic Stage T1 T2
It Be Hyperacute isointense (I) hyperintense (B)
IdDy Acute iso to hypointense (I) hypointense (D)
BiDdy Early Subacute hyperintense (B) hypointense (D)
BaBy Late Subacute hyperintense (B) hyperintense (B)
Doo Doo Chronic hypointense (D) hypointense (D)