Adrenal Washout Calculation - MRI



In a retrospective study of 42 benign adrenal masses, the CSI ratio had higher specificity than the signal intensity index for lipid-rich adenomas; however, no metastases were included.

     Israel GM, korobkin M, Hecht EN et al. Comparison of unenhanced CT and chemical shift MRI in evaluating lipid-rich adrenal adenomas. American Journal of Roentgenology 2004; 183:215-219

In a study of 102 adrenal tumors, all adenomas had signal intensity indexes at least 16.5%, and all metastatic tumors had signal intensity indexes at most 11.2%.

     Fujiyoshi F, Nakajo M, Fukukura Y, et al. Characterization of adrenal tumors by chemical shift fast low-angle shot MR imaging: comparison of four methods of quantitative evaluation. American Journal of Roentgenology 2002; 180:1649-1657

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